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Years of combined experience in IT Solutions & Cybersecurity

We’ve been a  strategic thought leader for a combined 75+ years in the IT solutions and cybersecurity industry. 

Effective operation cyber security is no longer an option.

Monitor Everything

Our state of the art SOC platform can ingest data from any of your systems to build a complete threat map.

Digital Forensics

SOClogix forensics capabilities expand beyond what is offered by most cyber security forensic firms.

Incident Response

Our SOC analysts are trained to respond to incidents ranging from Ransomware infections to Denial of Service attacks.

Our Mission

SOClogix, disrupts traditional cyber security by focusing not
just on the data as received, but by challenging the status
quo and attempting to discover the who, what, why of each
potential attack.

Our focus on attrition and data enhancement allow us to
bring in a real-world view of the world and its current state
of cyber.

Our Vision

We are creators and teachers in an ever changing world of cyber security, SOClogix not only empowers our employees, but our clients to make smart decisions regarding their companies cyber security practices.

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Team Members

Our Awesome Team

Matt Johnson

CEO and Founder

Gabrielle Burke

Vice President of Operations

William Johnson

Vice President of Security Technology