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Penetration Testing

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing team inspect your network (inside and outside) for known vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or active threats to your network and critical infrastructure. Delivering high-level executive reports, as well as a more granular technical report detailing all findings and areas requiring remediation, is a comprehensive analysis that every organization must do.

Penetration Testing is like vulnerability assessments except that it is intended to exploit discovered vulnerabilities and gain access to your infrastructure.

Key features of our Penetration testing are: 

  • SOClogix Pen Test Team develops and easy to follow remediation plan to fix any critical vulnerabilities to our systems
  • Identify assets that could be vulnerable and leave your organization open to risk and exposure.
  • Assessments and Testing are conducted by qualified Testers that hold multiple security certifications.
  • Full board-level executive and technical report detailing all findings and fixes are included.

Why SOClogix Penetration Testing Services

SOClogix team of experienced penetration testers will help you challenge your network security assumptions. While many testing organizations rely heavily on automated tests our experts combine decades of experience to test your network the same way hackers test it.


This type of penetration test is intended to assess a customer’s defenses and network controls.


This type of penetration test is focused on attacking users and gathering credentials.

Web Application

This type of penetration test focuses/is focused on attacking web vulnerabilities in your web applications.