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Incident Response

Having a cyber security incident is something that no organization wants to go through. The SOClogix Threat Operations Team can respond to your incidents within minutes saving valuable time to ensure your systems are restored and vetted against any incursions or attacks.

All of our Threat Operations Team members are experts in their craft.

Our team of expert incident response handlers can handle the following types of breaches for your organization:

  • Ransomware / Malware Infections
  • Intrusions into critical systems
  • Insider employee actions
  • Business Email compromise
  • Zero-day infections
  • Supply Chain Attacks
  • and many more...

Our experienced Incident Response Team

The SOClogix incident response team has responded to 100s of incidents and always acts to provide your organization with the best possible service and strategies to bring your systems back to 100% effectiveness as quickly as possible. 

Global Coverage

Our team can provide global coverage support for all incidents.

Incident Remediation

SOClogix team members are well versed in remediation strategies.

E-mail Compromise

Our team has helped remediate 100s of business email compromises.