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Managed Threat Detection

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Managed Threat Detection

SOClogix Managed Threat Detection is an enterprise-class cybersecurity solution designed to protect businesses of all sizes and shapes from the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches.  Our small form factor Threat Detection on-premise micro appliance will cover all devices on a network, from PCs to Macs to smartphones. Plug it into your business router, and our software will immediately begin monitoring all network traffic for anything suspicious, such as malware or hacking attempts. It can be installed, configured, and commissioned in minutes, sending you notifications of any potential unknown devices, questionable traffic, or other network issues at your site.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring from our award-winning SOC team.
  • Reduce Alert fatigue by letting our SOC team deal with the alerts.
  • Receive rapid notifications via text, call, or e-mail during an incident
  • Customizable to accept logs and data from 100s of sources that you may have

24x7x365 coverage protects and monitors your business no matter the time of day!

Cyber attacks against small to medium businesses are being reported daily.

Through a single pane of glass, our system can ingest data from any of your IT systems to correlate and analyze for further threat hunting.

Cloud Connectors

We can integrate with all your cloud solutions.

On-Premise Data

We can integrate with all your on-premise solutions.

Always Learning

Our SOC engineers stay current in Cyber