Phalanx proudly offers the Trident Cybersecurity Product Suite. Businesses are continually looking for new ways to protect their data and protect their business.  At Phalanx, we developed a suite of products designed for this purpose. Trident can be deployed for commercial businesses ranging from small, 10-person shops to large 1000+ end-user enterprise environments.

Trident Threat Detection

Easily deployed, on-premise micro appliance with real-time monitoring that includes rogue device detection, man-in-the-middle attack detection, firewall compliance, and malware and ransomware detection.

Trident Employee Monitoring

Monitors all communications within the company and detects any potential corporate espionage, embezzlement, and time card fraud. Even monitors corporate level staff, if desired.

Trident Device Protection

Monitors your device for any changes outside of normal activity preventing any rogue programs from executing, whether through downloads, attachments or web browsing.