IT Cyber Secure 720 Audit and Assessment

Determining your organization's current cyber security posture is paramount!

It is recommended that organizations perform regular assessments and audits of their policies, systems, and infrastructure. 

SOClogix performs 1000s of assessments each year and understands what it takes to ensure your business is adequately protected. Let our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals assess your organization from the top down. 

What do you get with the SOClogix Cyber Secure 720 Assessment?

  • A comprehensive audit that follows all NIST recommendations. 

  • A full vulnerability assessment of your internal and external network and resources.

  • Up to 14 days of network discovery and logging to track any vulnerabilities or holes in your network.

  • Up to 14 days of e-mail logging and tracking to give you a clear idea of the potential for business e-mail compromise. 

  • Cybersecurity policy and procedure review

  • A comprehensive Final Cyber Secure 720 Report that lists contains:

    • Full IT Audit findings with remediations​

    • Full vulnerability remediation project plan

    • Network cyber analysis of all traffic, IPs, services, ports, and activity on your network with a known threat map and key action points. 

    • Key cybersecurity policies and procedures customized for your organization. 

    • Incident response checklist for any potential future issues.​

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